Your decision to offshore team members for your UK accounting firm is the best decision you could ever make. This article is written for you to understand the whole process of how we can help you build your own offshore team with us. 

                Demand – It starts with you. It starts with your need and demand to hire a fully qualified offshore accountant to be part of your team. Someone who works solely for you and works with your own system, process, values, and demands. You might have heard about us from a fellow accounting firm or you are either a satisfied iO partner and looking to add more team members. Either way, we are glad to help you make offshoring work because it worked for us and we want to make it work for you too. After you have discussed your demands with us, we move forward to the screening.

                iO screening – we start our thorough screening procedures to look for the candidate whose qualifications best match your values and demands. Before anybody undergoes any interview process, candidates are required to take a test. This test will determine if the candidate is fit to undergo the strenuous interview process. We don’t only look through one’s curriculum vitae. We make sure that a test is taken by all potential team members.

                Interview- if the candidate passes the test, he will undergo two (2) iO interview and after passing both, the candidate is scheduled for your assessment. The reason why we conduct two iO interviews is we only want the best for your team. After your assessment and if candidate best match your demand, we move to onboarding.

                Onboarding – Intelligent Outsourcing undergoes onboarding process. This process begins from the candidate’s acceptance of job offer up to his/her first day. Our HR team is assigned to make sure that everything is settled on your end and on your team member’s end – from submission of all company requirements up to setting up equipment both hardware and software which is done by our IT Specialist. All other important matters are also discussed on their first day in Intelligent Outsourcing. Once all these are settled, we go to iO Academy Training.

                iO Academy – this is a training ground administered by Intelligent Outsourcing’s management team. iO Academy is composed of both technical and non-technical trainings. This is established to make sure that all team members that we will be providing to you and to all our clients are qualified and knowledgeable enough to work for you the way you want them to. The iO Academy is also composed of different stages. The first stage is the two-week training after onboarding. This training is for them to be equipped with the basics on UK processes. After the two-week training, you will now take charge.

                Take charge – your team member starts working with you and your team. You will now take charge of the succeeding and additional trainings tailor-fitted to your systems and process. Although the team member is now in your hands, he/she is still under iO Academy. Trainers, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable accountants still look after your team members to make sure that all their deliverables are met. Trainers are always ready to help and assist all new team members who are still trying to understand all UK related accounting processes. The team members is both learning efficiently and providing excellent service to you. After the abovementioned processes, seems like we are done with creating your offshore team. But we don’t stop with you taking charge. Next comes growth.

                Growth – as we always say, we are your partner in growth. Intelligent Outsourcing knows all the pains. We have felt them that’s why we know how it works. We’ve been through what you’ve been through. While you work with us, growth is endless. You may grow in number by adding more team members year after year. You can also grow by acquiring new knowledge such as learning new language from your Filipino team members, learning new knowledge on culture and tradition, and same goes through with your team member. iO assures that we all grow together. You, all our clients, all team members, and us.

                If you have anymore questions, you may contact us thru: or you may call us thru (+44) 1892280127.