The 5 Testimonial Types

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Value Added Services and TestimonialsWith the continuing development of accounting software, like Xero and QuickBooks, many accountants are offering value added services such as acting as a virtual Financial Director.  This can be very lucrative.   However, it can be difficult sell this service to prospects and even existing clients.  This is usually because the individual cannot see how it will benefit their business. Testimonials can help you to overcome this barrier, win the work and support your clients.You need 5 different types of testimonials, ideally 2 or more of each type.  These are: Testimonials that Shows it WorksThis is often the biggest barrier…

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Improve Communication with Your Prospects

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Improve Communication with Your Prospects, Clients and Employees One of the errors that most people make in business and life is that they think everyone else thinks like them.  This, fortunately, is not the case.  People have different behavioural styles.  Different styles have different values.  Different styles prefer different activities. Different styles are suited to different jobs and roles.  By understanding the difference between the styles and how best to communicate with them, you can improve your relationships, sell more to prospects and clients, employ the right person for the right role and get more done.  There are various behavioural…

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