Offshoring is the best way to outsource work. By building your own dedicated team with iO, you retain control and get work completed by qualified professionals using your processes, working on your systems.


With an offshore accountancy team, you get the benefits of growing your own team without the problems and risk associated with employing them. iO selects, employs and trains your team members. They work exclusively with you. You train them in your systems and processes and manage their work just as you would for an employee. We ensure they have what they need and provide HR support such as managing time keeping, performance management etc .  

Our rolling 90-day contract allows you to enjoy the benefits of off-shoring without a long-term commitment.  

This is an effective way to grow your practice while minimising risks and retaining control.   

Accounting Outsourcing: Why Build Your Own Offshore Team

There are major benefits to building your own dedicated offshore accounting team including:

Extend Your Team

Offshoring is an easy way to extend your team.  You can train your offshore team to use your systems and procedures so you know the work is done in the right way to the right standard.

With your offshore iO team taking over compliance work, you will have the time to focus on adding value to your clients, growing your practice and enjoying some well-earned time off.

Minimise HR Headaches

Recruitment can be a difficult and stressful process.  It is tricky to find the right person for your business.  You also need to find them a workspace, computer etc.  On top of this you have their day-to-day management, including managing holidays, sickness, performance etc.  iO  manages all this and ensure your iO team members are happy and productive.

Reduce Costs

An offshore team helps you to reduce both your costs and the risks of expansion. Many accountants are wary of expanding in case there is not enough fee earning work for new employees. With iO, you can reduce your payroll costs by 50% while maintaining quality and control. This increases your profits and reduces your expansions risks.

How We On-Board Your iO Team Members

What makes us different to most accounting outsourcing companies is that we find dedicated team members for you.  We have engineered our on-boarding process to ensure that your iO offshore member is delivering value to you as quickly as possible.

The entire iO offshoring process from searching for the right candidates for you to improving their engagement is overseen by Dee Smith. Dee has an international career spanning work in the USA, the Philippines and in the UK.

She is a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) which is a UK-based association. She has a background in human resource management, employee relations, learning and development and recruitment. So, Dee knows how to motivate and manage your iO team effectively.

The iO Offshoring Process

We are a premier accountancy outsourcing company which takes the stress out of offshoring accountancy work using our proven process. 

1. The Search

We will help you to develop a detailed person specification and job description.  These vital documents make it much easier for us to find the right person for your business.  We will then advertise the position and ask candidates to submit their CVs.


2. Selection Process

We will invite carefully selected applicants to interview .  Our HR team and directors know what to look for to find the best person for you.  We have years of experience in finding the right people to support UK accountants.  

As we employ your chosen applicant(s) and they will work with the iO team, we work hard to ensure that they are a good fit for you and us.

3. Assessment

We put them through accountancy tests to prove they have the required understanding.  We gauge each of them against your person specification and job description so we know we are putting forward the best candidate for your business.

This is a more efficient and effective process than us sending you several candidates to interview.  We will send you a video of the chosen candidate.


4. Interview

You then interview the chosen candidate via ZoomIt is important that the candidate fits your business and this is your chance to explore if they are a good fit.

After the interview, you inform us of your decision. In the unlikely event that you decide they are not the right fit for you, we will send you another candidate to interview.


5. Starting

Your chosen candidate then joins the iO team on-site in our attractive office suite in the Philippines.  We take them through our on-boarding process where we cover the legal obligations, orientation and set them up with a workspace and a computer.

They will become part of the iO team and get to know their new colleagues.  iO is a very supportive group and this is their opportunity to start building relationships.


6. The iO Academy

We then put them through up to 2 months of intensive training in our well-respected iO Academy.  This ensures they understand how accounting and tax works in the UK.  

We ensure they have the knowledge they need and train them in Xero or QuickBooks depending on your preference

7. Onboarding with You

Next we set them up on your preferred accounting software and systems as needed and they start to work with you.

You must train them in your systems and processes.  This ensures that everything will be done in the right way at the right time using your systems, processes and procedures.

You then start giving them work and monitoring them as you would your UK team.  We highly recommend that you include them in your daily or weekly team meeting to ensure they feel part of your team.


8. On-Going iO Support

iO provide you with on-going support to ensure your assigned iO team members are happy and working well for you. iO support includes

  • Learning Development- so your team members stay at the top of their game and progress through the iO Academy. This also means they can do more for you.
  • Employee Engagement- engaged employees are more productive
  • Performance Management to improve performance
  • Labour Relations to maintain good relationships between all parties
  • Retention- we offer our employees, your team members, an excellent package of benefits including competitive pay, excellent health benefits and a good work life balance.  Our employees work a 5-day week and have a 1 to 2 hour commute.  Most Filipinos work 6-days a week and those working in Manila have a typical 4-hour commute due to congestion.  
  • Constant contact with you- we stay in close contact with you to ensure that everything is working well for you and your iO team member.

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