A core value is a concept or principle that is important enough to guide behaviour and decision making.  Core values form the foundations on which a business is built.  They guide actions in attaining your mission and vision.

iO’s Core Values

iO Core Values

Why Core Values are Important to Your Offshore Team

Shared core values are important.  They bind a team together and get them to act as one as their actions are guided by these values. 

It is important that you have the same core values as iO.  iO only employs individuals who share our core values as they are our employees working on our site.  It is vital that you have the same core values as they become part of your team.  You may have additional core values which you should share with your iO team member. 

There are many tangible benefits to us all sharing the above core values.  These include:


Business Growth

Every company needs a mission (the reason it exists) and a vision (its long term goal or the change it wants to make in the world). Core values determine how you realise your vision and so help drive growth.


Increase Performance

Shared core values help to keep employees engaged and motivated, therefore raising performance and productivity levels. They know how they can help to achieve business goals.


Competitive Advantage

Your core values give you a major competitive advantage.  This is particularly true when they align with your clients’ values.  Clients will pay more to use companies who reflect their own values.


Employee Retention

Shared core values help employees feel they are “in the right place” and commit to the company and its vision.  They help them work better together and enjoy work.


Attract New Employees

In addition to attracting new clients, it is much easier to attract new employees.  If your workplace values align with theirs, then this is a win-win scenario. 


Happy Clients

A company’s core values are important to your clients- it could well be the main reason they chose you.  By displaying your core values, you will have happy clients.

If you share our core values, then why not book a no-obligation discovery call to enjoy these benefits and more.


How Do We Attract The Best Talent?

  • Retaining talent is the biggest challenge in the workplace today.In our modern era loyalty is at an all time low and mobility is at an all time high. One of our key strengths is a working culture that we are rightly proud of, we have created a successful ‘growth mindset’ model where our staff flourish. We promote innovation, collaboration, adaptability, critical thinking and clear communication channels. Because of this approach our staff are engaged, keen to further their knowledge and enjoy their work.

                                  We promote the Intelligent Outsourcing Core Values, in all that we do.