If you want to grow your accountancy practice with minimal risk, then building an offshore team with iO is a great solution.  Most accountants don’t outsource work due to quality concerns. With offshoring, you stay in control and manage your team as you would in the UK.

Accountancy Offshoring is where you have a team member that works solely for you, using your systems and processes, doing the work you want them to do the way you want them to do it. It is effectively having your own team member in the Philippines.

This means you have someone who cares about the work they do for you and doing the work you want done, the way you want it done. One of our core values is “care” and we hire on our core values.

The Benefits Of Offshoring Over Outsourcing​

There is some confusion over the difference between outsourcing and offshoring. This is even more confusing as some businesses outsource work to offshore companies. This is not helped by offshoring being a form of outsourcing. So, what is the difference?

Outsourcing, in its simplest terms, is when you give work to a company without knowing who does it or how they do it. You simply give them the work and the assigned person does it to the best of their ability following their own processes. Their work may be (and often is) very different to what you would produce in-house. You then need to check their work, correct it as needed and send it on to the client. You also need to tailor your processes in with theirs by supplying the information they need in the format they require.

Outsourcing of work may be cheaper than doing the work in-house but the person doing the work is never part of your team and they only do the work agreed on. There is no consistency in who does the work, so the quality varies, and any feedback from you is temporary as another person is likely to do it next time. On top of this, you need to manage the workflow you give them and the output you get in house. Those doing the work will never take the same ownership over the work or have the same commitment to you and your accountancy practice as one of your team.

Offshoring, the iO way, is very different to outsource accounting Philippines.  We build your team with members chosen by you who work exclusively for you. They are employed by us but they are effectively your employees. They can do whatever work you wish them to do within their capabilities. iO team members typically do bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns. Some do year-end accounts, management reports and self-assessment returns. It all depends on their qualifications and experience which are defined by you and your needs.

Before they start work with you, we put them through two weeks intensive training in our iO Academy so they are familiar with UK tax and how accountancy practices work.
They then start working with you. Your first step is to train them in your systems and processes, so you know that the work will be done how you want it. This is the start of developing your assigned iO team member and the relationship you and your team will have with them as part of your team. We recommend regular virtual team huddles/meetings so they feel part of your team. This really does help team communication and engagement.

Accounting outsourcing in the Philippines offers many benefits.  By creating an offshore team, you get the benefits of reduced costs as well as the high-quality work you and your clients demand.

Accounting Outsourcing Philippines:

What Your Offshore Team Can Do For You

Your offshore team member can complete the same tasks as your employees in the UK including:




VAT Returns




Year End Accounts




Management Accounts




Company Secretariat




Emailing Clients


VOIP with Clients


Video calls with Clients

How They Work with You

They can work with you via Teams or Zoom and keep you updated on their work via e-mail or through your choice of accountancy management or project management system. This is one of the big benefits of offshoring: you train your team in your systems and processes.

Some team members operate through your Client Manager and have no direct contact with your clients. Others have their iO team member communicating directly with their clients through email, VOIP or video calls. The choice is yours.

If you adopt the Client Manager model, then you get your iO team member to produce the email with required attachments, just as your client manager would have. Your client manager can then review and send the email on as if it was from them. This all saves time.

If you are comfortable with your iO team member communicating directly with clients, then it takes out an extra loop in the process and is very efficient. We always suggest you initially work directly with your iO team member. When you are happy with their understanding of your business, your processes and with the quality of their communication, then make the connection with your client(s).

There are many advantages to having your own dedicated iO team members. We employ them but they are your team member.  This is a much better solution than using outsourced accounting services Philippines with a different person doing the work for you each time.

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