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4 Benefits of Offshoring

During these times, businesses around the world have been affected by the economic challenges brought by the pandemic. A lot of big companies have closed, and some are in the brink of collapsing. If you are running your own accounting practice and looking to save cost and focus on added value work and your business growth, you might want to consider offshoring.

Offshoring is the “intelligent way to outsource” where you have someone effectively working for you using your systems and process in a foreign location usually in countries where labour cost are cheaper and the skills required are readily available. Accountancy practice that offshore accounting processes are those that are modern and use clouding accounting with other technology. It is part of the modern account practice structure.


                Now, what are the benefits of offshoring?

  1. Lower Cost and Business Growth
  • The lower cost base allow you to service your clients better as you can afford to get more manpower that you may otherwise be able to. It gives you a better bottom line and allows you to grow your business affordably.
  1. Direct Access to your Offshore Tea,
  • Unlike outsourcing of the work where you do not have direct access to the people who do tasks for you, in offshoring with Intelligent Outsourcing, you’ll always have access to you team member. You can communicate with them at any time during their working hours using your own accountancy practice communication system like Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc.
  1. Control
  • Offshoring will allow you to have team members that work solely for you and despite the distance, you still have control over what they do or how you want them to work using your process and systems. You provide directions, they use the systems you want, and everything is done your way. What’s great with offshoring with Intelligent Outsourcing is we don’t just provide you with team members, we help you make it work. You can have your team member contact your clients directly by email, VOIP phone, video conference calls – the choice is yours. They are great at getting the data needed to complete tasks like VAT Returns, bookkeeping, and yearend accounts. this takes a lot of time and is something that traditional outsourcing can never help with as it is direct client contact. You control what you want your offshore accounting team to do and how.
  1. Time Flexibility/Availability
  • We do the recruitment and screening thus you do not need to waste time on it. It is difficult getting team members in the UK that are fit for the role that you are looking for because of shortage in manpower. With us, you will not need to waste your time on this. We can get people for you within 90 days or even less because candidates do not hang around.

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