Offshoring Vs. Outsourcing

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After some time and after a lot of hard work, your business is growing, and you can’t seem to handle the heavy workload. Although this is a clear sign that your business is flourishing, you might have thought about adding new members to your team to maintain productivity and efficiency. Hiring the right people is time consuming and you would not want this to be another problem you have to face. After doing research, you might have seen that the best option to solve this issue is to outsource or offshore your team members. But which is which?             Outsourcing…

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Why do business outsource Filipinos to be part of their team?

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Over the years, Philippines has proved its capabilities and expertise in the field of outsourcing. It has been the top performer in the industry for years. While this is a no surprise, some might be wondering what makes Filipinos so special for businesses to choose to hire and outsource Filipinos to be part of their team? 1. FILIPINOS ARE RAISED TO BE ENGLISH SPEAKERS             From Filipino parents trying to communicate with their toddlers using the English Language PLUS Tagalog Language combined, to Pre-school being taught in English, it has been established in a young Filipino mind that they have…

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