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Why do business outsource Filipinos to be part of their team?

Over the years, Philippines has proved its capabilities and expertise in the field of outsourcing. It has been the top performer in the industry for years. While this is a no surprise, some might be wondering what makes Filipinos so special for businesses to choose to hire and outsource Filipinos to be part of their team?


            From Filipino parents trying to communicate with their toddlers using the English Language PLUS Tagalog Language combined, to Pre-school being taught in English, it has been established in a young Filipino mind that they have to learn and know how to speak the English Language. From being a toddler and having parents sing to them all English Nursery songs to studying English every grade and year level until they finish college. These factors have made Filipinos fluent English speakers.


            In an office set-up, when a new Filipino employee is hired, he/she calls everyone Ma’am/Sir. This just shows how Filipinos respect not only their bosses and supervisors but all their coworkers. Filipinos are naturally friendly and always have a smile on their faces. They will always want to please and do a good job being eager to learn.


            Whether it is a 10PM- 6AM shift or an 7AM- 3PM shift, Filipinos don’t complain. They can work long hours and sacrifice a good long sleep and they can also skip the holidays just to make sure they deliver a quality output and accommodate clients with whatever assistance they need. Intelligent Outsourcing operates 6am to 3pm UK time which is 1PM to 10PM Philippines time and all the team are very happy working with these hours/


            In History, Philippines was colonized by the Spanish for over 3 centuries and then by the US since 1898 and much of their culture and traditions were adopted by Filipinos and passed on generation after generation. This then gives Filipinos an edge and advantage against other countries since they can easily get along with another nationalities and have a somewhat mutual understanding when it comes to culture, values, traditions, behaviors, and the like.


            Philippines being Third World Country, the cost of living is cheaper compared to other countries. This gives rise to a cheap labour cost but at the same time providing well educated professionals that provide an excellent service and output.


            In the Philippines, education is very important and there is a lot of prestige in having a good career. Accountancy is one the prestigious careers and all accountants have to do a 4-year accountant degree after which they can choose to do their CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exams. This is based on the US system of accounting which businesses in the Philippines adopted. This means that there is a supply of highly trained accountants that businesses have used for many years and UK accountants have developed their teams with Intelligent Outsourcing.  

            Filipinos have proven themselves to businesses throughout the world when it comes to the quality of work and professional work ethics they deliver. If you are looking and opting to outsource employees (known as offshoring), you should consider adding Filipino member to your team. For those accountancy practices that do this with Intelligent Outsourcing they start building an offshore team which becomes key to their business and allows their UK accountants to focus on value adding work.

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