To build a team is challenging. But to build a team who is stationed in another continent is a different story. Offshoring your team members might be a challenge, but Intelligent Outsourcing commits to you and all our clients that we are your partner in growth. Hence, the creation of iO Academy.

iO Academy is a training ground administered by Intelligent Outsourcing’s management team and knowledgeable and expert team members who have been working with the company for years. iO Academy is composed of both technical and non-technical trainings. This was established to make sure that all team members that we will be providing to you and all our clients are qualified and knowledgeable enough to work for you the way you want them to.

It starts with a two – week training. This is conducted before they officially start with you as your team member. For this two- week onboarding training, we make sure that the team members are well informed and knowledgeable about how accounting works for UK Clients, the systems you want them to use, HMRC, and the like. We want to give them a glimpse of how and what their tasks will be once they start working for you. The onboarding training also covers all services that we offer. From bookkeeping, VAT Returns, Payroll, Year-end Accounts, and Management accounts.

After the two-week training, the team member will start working and doing tasks for you. Although the team member is now in your hands and you are now in-charge of additional trainings for them, the team members is still under iO Academy. As probationary team members, we want them to be regularized that is why guiding and helping them is continuous. Trainers still look after them making sure that all their deliverables are met. For instances that the team member is not familiar with some systems you are using, the trainers will assist them. We are also the team member’s partner in growth, and we work as a team to provide you and all our clients quality work your practice deserves.

After probationary period comes regularization. The iO Academy is very much invested in our team members’ skills that we offer different courses for them to take to improve their skills. These courses must be taken by team members giving them the chance to be team leaders as well in the future. Once your team member has been able to complete these courses, they can be promoted, and you’d be able to have someone helping you train future team members. We are here to grow with you and with the team members.

Aside from the continuous guidance iO Academy offers, we also have One Shot Update where we discuss to all team members sudden changes related to UK accounting. This is for the purpose of assuring that each team members are well informed and updated about changes happening. 

iO Academy values your feedback as well with regards to your team member. In cases where you are not satisfied with the team member’s performance, iO Academy offers a customized Personal Improvement Plan for the team member. This is a plan created specifically for your team member. We look into what went wrong and what we can do to help your team member. Since we want to provide you team members who will work for you in the long run, we want to make sure that we will be doing everything we can to improve your team member’s performance. 

Since we invest in our team members’ skills, iO Academy also offers courses for potential team leaders and team leaders. This is for continuous learning and growing with Intelligent Outsourcing.

iO Academy will be a great help to you and to the team members. As we always say, we are your partner in growth. Offshoring worked for us and we want in to work for you, too.

If you are interested to build your offshore team with us, you may send us an email thru: or you may call us thru (+44) 1892280127.