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Why is NOW the best time to offshore your team with Intelligent Outsourcing

It has been months when the impossible happened – a virus that changed the whole world. Corona Virus struck and no one have seen the extent of what this virus can do to our lives. Closing of boarders in almost all countries around the world, flights and trips are restricted, isolation is a must, get togethers and parties are seen to be forbidden; few of the many changes that we are still currently experiencing even after months since the virus started. These changes affected businesses of different industry. But what must one do? To adapt to these changes. 

            All types of businesses of different industry is currently struggling with the situation right now. Some are already laying off employees, closing for good or filing for bankruptcy. But if you are looking for other options to maintain profit and not loose what you have established and worked hard for, we are here to give you the only feasible option that will save you from losing everything – OFFSHORING.             Let us define offshoring first: Offshoring is the process of moving your business to a foreign location, usually in countries where labor cost, production cost and economy is cheaper. Well, it is not necessary to move your business in another country. Instead, you must look for a third party who is already offshoring and who is already an expert in the industry, like us. Intelligent Outsourcing. Why should you offshore with Intelligent Outsourcing NOW then?


It’s one of the many proven facts that the Corona Virus made us all realize – it is indeed possible to run an entire business with team members working remotely. You don’t need an office anymore or home grown team members to make your business work. Zoom meetings work, Teams meetings work. With the internet, almost everything is possible. Now, there is no need to put up an office space or hire members from your country (which is more expensive) because now, you can hire talented and qualified people from an entirely different continent and still make it work. In fact, it may work way better that what you have been accustomed to. You will be surprise as to how your business performance and efficiency changes for the better.  


Intelligent Outsourcing has been offshoring in the Philippines for four years now. Philippines has a lower labor cost and cheaper economy than UK but has a wealth of talent available. Since we niche in providing UK businesses qualified and skilled accountants, the Philippines is the best country who can provide these talents. Why? Accountants in the Philippines study for four years to become an accountant and must take a licensure examination to become a Certified Public Accountant. Aside from the strenuous process of getting the degree and being a CPA, Filipinos are also very good English speakers. In Asia, Philippines is one of the only four countries who consider English as their primary language. Communication will never be a problem when you choose to offshore with us.  Your potential team member will also be a responsible team member who will be taking ownership of all the works he/she will be doing and will apply the highest standard of excellence. This is in line with one of our seven Core Values which we all practice and live by. We work by these core values. You also don’t have to worry about the workplace that your potential team member will be in. The work environment that we have in the Philippines is conducive and ensured to be a great work environment for everyone, physically and mentally.


When you choose to offshore your team with Intelligent Outsourcing, you can focus on your main competencies in UK while we do all internal works for you – this is because we are your partner in growth. From hiring and recruitment, trainings and performance management, IT support, we do the work for you. Our team is composed of professional HR practitioners who will make sure we only hire the best people. We screen applicants thoroughly and we only endorse candidates we think will be the best person for your team. Hence, when a candidate reaches to you (for your interview) it means that this person went through the recruitment process carefully. We also have an IT specialist who does all IT related work for all – from setting up computer units to troubleshooting minimal to complicated problems a team member may experience technically. We are furnished with the right equipment and computer units to make sure your potential team member will be able to deliver excellent performance and outputs.


Unlike outsourcing where client-team member relationship is close to none, in Intelligent Outsourcing, our clients have direct contact with their team members. This means that clients can work with team members in their own pace and in their own way. There’s direct communication and client can be specific as to what he/she wants his team member to do. We do not restrict our clients and in fact we encourage a trusting relationship between client and team member


We know how important privacy is and that all the information you have are confidential that’s why Intelligent Outsourcing is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. We have a data protection officer who trains all team members (new and old team members) about the GDPR and we ensure that all team members are complying and strictly following the regulation. You and all your information are 100% safe with Intelligent Outsourcing. 

          The Corona virus took a toll in the business industry but as human beings, we were made to adapt to changes. It is not too late to save or maintain your profit despite the challenges this pandemic has brought. As they say, change is inevitable but to survive, one must adapt.

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