What Needs Are You (or Should You Be) Filling

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Every accountant should build their service around meeting the needs and wants of their clients and prospects beyond doing their accounts, tax returns, offering advice etc. Humans inherently have an in-built set of needs and wants.  These were expressed by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs.  Maslow observed that people only want the next level when they were fulfilled with their current level. Let me explain.  Everyone starts at the bottom of the pyramid and moves up.  The levels are: Physiological: This is basic survival. We all need food, water, sleep, clothing, shelter and basic sanitation to survive.  Your clients…

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Which of These Accounting Clients Do You Work With

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As accountants, we all work with sole owners, companies or partnerships that are either: Struggling Uncertain, unsure of where they are going and not making full use of what they have Successful and know where they are going Each of these categories requires a different approach and a different form of support.  Accountants need to adapt their approach to suit circumstances as businesses can and do often move between these categories especially during terms of uncertainty. Struggling This is when a business needs you most.  It is also the time when they need someone to give them cool, level-headed advice…

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