You are currently viewing Intelligent Outsourcing’s talent pool – diverse and collaborative accountants perfect for your UK accounting firm

Intelligent Outsourcing’s talent pool – diverse and collaborative accountants perfect for your UK accounting firm

If you are thinking of offshoring but is hesitant because you are not sure on how to go about with working with our accountants or if you are wondering how Intelligent Outsourcing provides skilled and qualified accountants for you that will best fit your preference, this article will show you how we do it.

                For your reference, in the Philippines, we have two types of accountants: first is those who are board certified meaning accountants who took their licensure examinations after completing their bachelor degree. In the Philippines, we call them Certified Public Accountants (CPA). The second type of accountant in the country is those who opted not to get their license but are still accountants.

We know for a fact that in the UK, accountants are classified in to two: those with firm experience who through and through worked as an accountant in an accounting firm or those with industry experience and other one is those with corporate experience or those with no exposure in auditing or accounting firms but still functions as accountants.

What makes us unique and excellent is that in iO, we have a myriad of talents available ranging from junior accountants up to senior accountants as well as junior to senior CPAs. We also have accountants with industry experience as well as accountants with corporate experience. In short, we can provide you with the best accountant of your choice.

For our existing clients and for you, who wants to work with us, the talent, or the accountant that we will hire will depend on what and who you need. Normally, in hiring, we also base it on the years of experience but generally, what works for you and what you need the most, we certainly provide.

The existing talent pool of iO is truly reflective of the talent that we can provide for you. Aside from having junior to senior accountants and junior and senior CPAs, we are also a very diverse company. Our team members consist of all age groups – from millennials, Generation Z, and Boomers. Having accountants from all age groups, we are able to have exchange of ideas and best practices across these generations. We all know that how millennials think and work is very much different from how Generation Z and Boomers think and work – which is a very good thing because we get to have tons of ideas and new learnings from these different age groups.

Intelligent Outsourcing has also a very collaborative culture meaning that our team members are constantly working to help each other to provide the best service to all our clients. We utilize MS Suite, which comes with Teams hence having different channels and group where all accountants can freely discuss matter and solve certain problems if one arises. Again, we share the best practices we can offer.

Statistic wise, in the Philippines, majority of the workforce is already in the millennial age group. But Intelligent Outsourcing, being a diverse company, age, gender preference, and culture does not really matter for us. We know what is best for you and we want offshoring to work for you like how it worked for us.

We at Intelligent Outsourcing is very happy and proud to say that we can provide you with the best accountants while cutting your cost and at the same time getting the service that you deserve.

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