You are currently viewing Intelligent Outsourcing – how we started from scratch and how we can provide qualified and skilled accountants for our UK Accounting Clients

Intelligent Outsourcing – how we started from scratch and how we can provide qualified and skilled accountants for our UK Accounting Clients

Just like you, the owner of Intelligent Outsourcing runs his own firm, which is Naylor Accountancy Services. He started his firm in 2012. And just like you, he encountered problems and experienced pain in running his own firm that is why, he created Intelligent Outsourcing.

                The owner set up iO because as he was trying to look for remedies on how to make compliance work easier, he kept hearing people talking about outsourcing. But he didn’t want to outsource since outsourcing means having no control over anything or everybody. So, he established Intelligent outsourcing – offshoring qualified and experienced accountants. Even though his team members are continents apart, he has a hundred percent control over everything!

                iO started with only one person and now we are at 50 team members. Initially, they started off using iO for growing his own practice and just to be able to do compliance work. Then they started using it for their friends and other close accountants and now, we have been rolling out to other clients already around UK.

Our niche is providing qualified and only the best accountants for your team. How we do this, and how we were able to grow, is our owner is an accountant himself and he understands what and who is needed for your team. He understands you and your pains because he went through the same.

                iO grew and is continuing to grow because the company owner realized that owning an accounting firm, and at the same time owning an offshoring company, he is learning more about how to operate offshoring hence properly and effectively being able to put in place and in practice all his learnings to all other clients. With his experience both in having an accounting firm and offshoring team, he effectively helps all clients who are struggling.

We initially started with just bookkeeping then got into year end accounts and now, we almost have all accounting services we can offer to all our clients. We started building blocks on top of it.

Our office in the UK consists mainly of the management team while in the Philippines, we have the operational team as well as a few people managing the Philippines Office.

When it comes to operational, we have a big office in the Philippines where all team members are working. All our team members are directly speaking to all our clients in the UK which means that you as a client, will have a team member who works solely for you the way you want them to. All systems, procedures, directions, and others will directly come from you. It is your team. Your own team.

If you are still having doubts on getting your accountant in the Philippines, let me tell you that we only hire accountants that are skilled and qualified and most importantly, we only hire accountants who you have interviewed and who fits your needs.

Our clients are all satisfied clients and have been growing their team with us. Most of our clients started with only one team member and now, some have already three-four accountants working for them. If you wish to read more feedback from our clients, you may proceed to this link:

And if you wish to know more about how the process of hiring an accountant with us, here’s something you can read.


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