You are currently viewing 4 TIPS ON HOW TO HANDLE A JOB REJECTION


Getting turned down for a job is a very hard pill to swallow especially if you have prepared well for it. Feeling bad and demotivated is probably your first reaction but, with these tips below, you will be back in your feet in no time!


  1. Get feedback.

                Although a difficult thing to do, it is very important to ask for a feedback from your recruiter/employer. Do not be afraid to ask for the details of how your application went. This will help you assess what went wrong and what you can do to improve.

  1. Review and identify your weakness.

                Now that you have assessed what happened and what you can do to improve, you should also review and identify your weakness/es. Take note of any issues you had during your application and assess what you can do about it. If needed, take some appropriate trainings that will help you improve. It is best to be aware of the areas you need to improve on.

  1. Focus on your strengths.

                We all have weaknesses and we also have our strengths. And as important as listing down your weaknesses, you must also take note of your strengths. What were your contributions in your past jobs? What do you think are you best in? Focus on them and continue improving.  

  1. Stay Positive and Keep Going!

                Getting rejected from a job is just a steppingstone to a better career. The perfect job awaits you. You must keep going and keep on improving. Do not let a job rejection get into you. Use this as your motivation. Your positivity and your will to keep going will help you get that dream job!

                Keep in mind that a job rejection is just the universe’s way of saying you are up for a better job and that you just need to prepare for what is for you and what is about to come!

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