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How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Day at Your New Accounting Job

Congratulations on securing your new accountancy role!

The impression your resume made and the one you made during your interview played a vital role in helping you to secure your new job.  The impressions you make during your first day and first week at your new accounting job are even more important.  You now need to show you can deliver and that starts with making a great first impression on your team, your manager and your clients

First impressions are very important because, as they say, it takes less than a minute for someone to make up their mind about whether they like you or not. This article will show you how you can make a good first impression.

  1. Arrive Early

Arriving 5-10 minutes early on your first day demonstrates responsibility and enthusiasm for your new role. When you arrive early, you have the time to get settled in, relax and calm your nerves. It also makes a good first impression on your colleagues and your boss which will positively impact their judgement of you going forward.

Although arriving early is important, do not arrive much more than 10 minutes early as the office may not have been opened and your new team would not want to keep you waiting outside.    

  1. Dress Professionally

If your company provided you with a uniform beforehand, then clearly you should wear this. In most cases, your new company won’t have a uniform, so your choice of dress is up to you.

The way you dress and how you look are a vital part of making a great first impression. Wear something that looks professional and gives the impression that you are ready for work. The dress code for each company varies between professional, smart casual and casual.  At your interview, you will have seen how your new colleagues dress which will give you a good guide on how to dress. 

If you are unsure how to dress, then you should ask your HR manager.  If in doubt, it is always better to go over-dressed than under-dressed.

In all cases, gents should have short nails, combed hair, an ironed shirt and, if wearing formal shoes, they should be shined.

  1. Be friendly

Making friends on your first day is different person to person. Extroverts tend to find it easy but introverts might have some difficulties. On your first day, you don’t have to befriend everyone you meet. Being polite by saying hi or asking simple questions like how long they’ve been working in the company is a good start.

Talking and being involved with your co-workers shows that you are approachable and can blend in with the culture. You should avoid being overly familiar though.  Don’t start asking your new co-workers personal questions on your first day. 

  1. Attend Orientation

Most companies will conduct orientation for new employees and it is very important to attend. During your orientation, your HR manager or line manager will cover everything you need to know about the workplace such as the rules, requirements and the equipment you will be using. You will also get a tour of the office and be introduced to key people. Participating in orientation shows interest and eagerness to start work at your new job.

  1. Listen and ask questions

During your first day at your new accounting job, you should spend most of your time listening. Since you are new to the job and the workplace, you need to find out as much as possible and your HR or line manager will most likely tell you everything you need to know.  So, listen, listen, listen and observe!

You should ask questions and get the answers clarified if needed.  This shows interest and enthusiasm for the role.  You should spend most of your time listening.   

We know that starting a new job is both exciting and nerve racking and we hope that these tips will help you be at your best during your first day.

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