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5 Qualities recruiters like to see in a candidate

Although all recruiters will want to assess your abilities, skills and experience against the position they want to fill, they also want to see good qualities in their candidates. Sometimes, it’s not just all about your skills.
Here are five Qualities that recruiters like to see in a candidate:

1. Transparency

Recruiters tend to know when you are lying or withholding information. Some candidates lie about their experience and a few even lie about their qualifications.  They are almost always found out.  Be honest and open. Recruiters will appreciate it if you admit to being terminated because of a culture mismatch or difference with your previous boss. These things happen and people understand this.

If you try to cover things up, then there is the risk they will find out.  This then discounts everything else you have said.  It is best, to be honest with them rather than finding out another way. 

2. Positivity

A positive demeanour is always a plus! Recruiters love to see someone with a great attitude who is smiling and energetic.  Someone who shows that they can stay positive amidst difficulties and always look at the bright side.  Someone who has endurance.  Most smart recruiters employ on attitude.  Why?  You can teach skills far more easily than you can change someone’s attitude.  A rival candidate might be brilliant at accounting but if they struggle to get out of bed in the morning or they just can’t get on with people, then they are a liability rather than an asset to the employer.

3. Curiosity

There is a vast difference between someone who did and someone who didn’t do their research before the interview.   They can answer questions sensibly about the company they want to work for.  More importantly, they are able to ask intelligent questions – and recruiters love candidates who can ask intelligent questions about the company. It shows that you are interested in the company and the position.  It shows that you have considered how you can be an asset.  It shows initiative.

4. Humility

During interviews, recruiters try to see if a candidate possesses humility by digging into past accomplishments, mistakes, and failures to see how a candidate reflects on these times. Do they take responsibility for errors or do they blame others? Recruiters want to see that you are confident but they also need to see that you can learn from your mistakes.

5. Ambition

Being ambitious is a solid quality that a candidate must possess. An ambitious candidate shows lots of interest in the position when they come prepared for the interview. An ambitious candidate does their research about the company and has some intelligent questions prepared.  An ambitious candidate shows relevant experience and skills by discussing their achievements as well as their mistakes and the subsequent learning.  Everyone makes mistakes and failure is one of the best ways to learn.  Recruiters want you to show how you deal with your mistakes and learn from failure.

It is not always the skills you have that will help you land a job.  You need a combination of skills, personal qualities, and the right attitude.

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