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How to build your offshore accounting team

Some companies believe it is easy to establish an offshore accounting team. However, there are various factors to consider. You may be wondering where to start when looking to build a high-performing offshore team.

The first step in developing a successful offshore accounting team is to evaluate your employment needs.  You must know your objectives and requirements.  This will help give you a clear understanding of the job role(s) and the type of people you want.  An effective offshore accounting services company, like iO, will help you to develop full job descriptions and person specifications.  These are vital. Without them, you will waste a lot of time, energy and money hiring poor fits. 

Remember that, like most accountants, you may require someone who can perform a variety of accounting functions as well as someone to do the administration.  Your chosen offshore accounting firm must recruit and offer training in all the accounting functions you require so your team member can perform all the needed functions.  They should also be able to support you with administrative team members.  There are many administrative jobs which are best done by a dedicated administrator rather than an accountant.  This individual may also act as your Personal Assistant.


You need to plan your course of action before you start to hire an offshore accounting team. Here are the six steps to assembling your offshore accounting team:

  1. Be vigilant when selecting offshore employees

Offshoring enables you to assemble a specialised remote team for your business from a large pool of highly trained individuals. Know your needs including the kinds of technical abilities, knowledge of finances, and work experience you seek. In addition to having a strong technical skill set, your candidate must also possess excellent soft skills in problem-solving, communication, and creativity.

For financial businesses, automation is the key to speed and accuracy. Recruiting professionals with knowledge and experience in Xero, QuickBooks, and other popular software systems can help you future-proof your offshore accounting services.

Then, an offshore t provider like Intelligent Outsourcing will thoroughly examine your company’s needs for both team members and customers. In addition to hiring top people, they will advise you on how to choose wisely and conduct an onboarding session with you and your remote staff to ensure seamless integration.

  1. Start with a simple task then evaluate the outcomes and progress

Inform your offshore accounting team members on your company’s operations, including the desired standard of job quality, business ethics, and skill sets. Start by giving your offshore accounting team minor projects. Check to determine if the outcomes of their job measure up to your expectations. If you’re happy with the results, go ahead and assign more challenging tasks. Utilise remote team management strategies to inspire and interact with the team while keeping in mind their prior work experience.

  1. Use the appropriate methods and tools for collaboration

Project management with a remote team presents a unique set of difficulties. Make sure you and your offshore accounting team utilise the proper technologies to collaborate on ideas, monitor their progress, and offer assistance as they complete tasks in order to get beyond these obstacles.

Gaining the trust of your offshore team members is crucial as you and they grow to know one another better. You can help them to stay motivated in their jobs, by leading by example and offering guidance and assistance as needed.

  1. Set objectives with your remote team members

You should create goals for your offshore accounting team in the same ways that you do for your internal workforce. This will help them stay focused on achieving your company’s objectives. Knowing their individual objectives can aid in keeping them engaged and motivated which will increase their production and efficiency. Setting goals for your offshore team members is essential for fostering their growth and learning so they can perform at a higher level.

  1. Keep in contact frequently

Keep the lines of communication open to stay in touch with your offshore accounting team. In order to contact with them remotely, be sure you have the appropriate software such as MS Teams. Establish a schedule for communicating with them on a regular basis to talk about work and catch up with them personally. This boosts their spirits and gives them a stronger sense of community.

Include offshore team members in internal communications to help them better understand the company). This will keep them informed of the current state of the business with up-to-date information. Additionally, this will support your offshore accounting team’s high-level strategic planning for risk management, corporate growth, and other facets of your company.

  1. Strengthen the bond with team building

To maintain a healthy relationship, find time to engage in team-building activities with your remote accounting team. There are plenty of online resources on how to conduct team-building sessions with your offshore team members. You can also ask for recommendations from your offshore account manager on the best team-building practices.


Building an Offshore Accountancy Team with Intelligent Outsourcing

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