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How team members training increases your accounting practice skill set

It is essential to invest time and resources in team member training. Your team members will feel appreciated, empowered, and involved with your company’s mission when they see that you care about their future. That is excellent news for your team’s morale and satisfaction scores and not to mention for the workforce’s overall productivity.

Investing in your team members’ future

If you want great things from your team, you’ve got to give them the very best support. A job is not a fixed thing. The role will evolve and change over time with new skills, responsibilities, and job descriptions.

To offer your team the best opportunities, offer team member training and development. Below are the critical areas on your accounting practice to-do list.

As a starting point:

  • Find out what training and education your people want.

It is okay to assume what your team wants to learn. Talk to each team member and ask them where they feel they need additional skills or where there’s room for progression in their training. This method can help and gives you a perspective on how you might use these new skills within the business.

  • Help them find the appropriate programs or online training.

You can offer some key training if you have people available to do this, who can provide some training programs if you have any available team members and who have the skills to do this. There is also a ton of online class of professionals or organization that provides training in the accounting field.

Establish a career path and give team members increased responsibility. 

The majority of team members will prioritize getting promoted. Consider giving your team members additional duties putting their leadership abilities to the test, or assigning them specific projects to manage and oversee once their learning and professional goals are established.

  • Check-in with your team members regularly to see how they are doing. 

Ideally, you have already established a monthly, quarterly, or yearly review process for your staff. However, do not limit your discussions about development purely to these review conversations. Throughout the workweek, check in with your team members and utilize these casual, informal conversations to see how each person (and each team) is doing.

Setting up a team member training program

Investing in the professional growth of your team members is an asset in your company’s future. It is a sign that you want to help your employees advance their careers.

At Intelligent Outsourcing, we put your team members through up to 2 months of intensive training in our well-respected iO Academy. This will ensure they understand how accounting and tax work in the UK. We assure them of having the knowledge they need and training them in Xero or QuickBooks, depending on your preference, and you must train them in your systems and process.

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