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Why #hamster?

You may have noticed my headline on LinkedIn is “Let us be your Hamster and save you time to grow your business or allow you to breathe” and that I use #hamster for sign off on LinkedIn.

You will no doubt think it is odd… may think this Nikolai Naylor is an accountant with an accountancy practice and an outsourcing offshore business, why on earth would he use #hamster and have such a weird headline.

So let me tell you the story behind #hamster.

I talk to a lot of accountants and the two things most complain about are:
1.     Working too many hours and running around like a “hamster” in a wheel to get all the work done and talk to clients.
2.     Not able to find any accountants to take on the compliance work.

I have actually had several accountants say “I am running around like a hamster in a wheel”.    I started to reply to them, “let us, Intelligent Outsourcing, be your hamster 🐹 and do all your compliance work, then you can focus on the clients and the added value”.

That led to me creating the LinkedIn headline of “Let us be your Hamster and save you time to grow your business or allow you to breathe” as this resonated with the pain that we can help alleviate for accountants.

Then the simple #hamster sign off on posts was created. You will see the rest of Intelligent Outsourcing using #hamster now as well.

I hope you can now see the logic to the use have “hamster” 😊.
The beauty of this is that everyone can easily remember #hamster as it is short and odd for an outsourcing offshore business. I have even been called “the hamster guy” by someone……not sure that is a good thing or not ……😊.

Do you use any odd # with a story behind it?

What are your thoughts of the #hamster and story why we use it?

We will be at Excel Accountex London the 10-11 May and we, Intelligent Outsourcing,  will be using #hamster on the stand and it will appear on the back of our red polo shirts, so if you see us say hi 👋  

 We will have our mascot hamster 🐹 with us (it is not real 😊) and we will be naming the hamster 🐹at 4pm on the 11th May – all suggestions on the day will be welcomed and we will draw the name out of a hat…. 😊

Hope to see you at Excel Accountex in May, we are stand 481.