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Tips: How To Handle Angry Customers

As business owners and consumers at the same time, we’ve all been there: dissatisfied and frustrated with a product/service we received. It is pretty normal but as business owners, this is one thing that we avoid the most: unhappy customers.

Here are some tips you can do to minimize the consequences from an unhappy customer:

  1. Stay calm

                Angry customers will be difficult to handle. Remain calm and do not get angry, react negatively, or talk back. It will for sure make things worse that it already is.

  1. Be genuine

                Put yourself in their shoes. Sympathize and understand where they are coming from. Talk to them in a more personal manner. In that way, customer will feel that you understand them and what they are feeling are valid.

  1. Listen. Listen. Listen

                Although difficult to listen to an angry customer, try your very best to listen and understand their complaints. While listening attentively, you will be able to come up with a resolution after they are finished talking.

  1. Acknowledge their complaints and apologize

                It is important to thank customers who voice out their complaints. Acknowledge them that their complains were heard and apologize for any inconvenience the situation has caused.

  1. Condense the situation and talk about the next steps

                After listening to the customer’s complaints, condense the situation and provide a resolution for your customer. Assure them that everything will be handled.

Here in Intelligent Outsourcing, we always make sure to communicate well with our customers/clients specially in times of misunderstandings. We genuinely care for our clients and if issues arise, we resolve it in no time. We created iO Academy out of feedback from out partners and that has proven to be our USP.

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Remember that an angry customer is one that give you and your business a good feedback. By learning how to handle them and resolving their issues in no time would greatly benefit your business afterwards.