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What is your team’s learning style and why is it essential in your business?

Being aware of your team’s learning style is a very important aspect in your business that you may not appreciate. Knowing how your team members best learn can contribute to better communication with each other and improve their performance as well.

                Not everybody in your team learns the same way. The VARK model which stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic that was developed by Neil Fleming in 1987 is a great way to identify each of your team members’ learning style.

                From releasing new rules, guidelines, job changes, systems, to any change in business, it is important that the information will be absorbed and learned by your team members in the best possible way. Once you know all your team members’ learning style, use it and ensure that all important information is communicated adhered to their learning style.

                The following VARK model approach can be used to deliver information to your team members depending on what is best for them. There will always be a mix:


Team member best learn when information is released through charts, graphs, outlined lessons, photos, flow charts and arrows, circles and other similar devices instead of using words.

  1. AURAL

For this learning style, team member can easily absorb information by reading aloud, verbal instructions and discussion, oral feedback, phone conversations, oral presentations, tutorials, talking to each other.


Team member will better understand information through manuals, essays, PowerPoint, lists, quotations and words, words, and a lot of words through this learning style.


Some team members may learn best through demonstrations, simulations, videos, movies, practice, application, and such. Anything that can be help, grasped, felt, or tasted will help them learn easier.

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