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How to become an Effective Team Member

In sports, a team is considered great if it is composed of great individuals too. A winning team always has team members who contribute and plays their part in the team. And this goes the same for your team in the workplace. Are you an effective team member that makes the work lighter and easier or are you just a baggage that makes everything a little more difficult for everyone? We do not want the latter.

                Below are some tips to be an effective team member:

  1. Listen to your colleagues

                Everyone in your team knows something that you do not know yet. Be open to listening and learning new knowledge, new ideas, new skills, and new traits from your colleagues. If this will help you do your job and duties better and more efficiently, then there is no harm in accepting that you do not know everything.

  1. Share your knowledge and expertise, too

                Like you, your teammates are also not knowledgeable on certain topics. Be ready to share ideas, information, skills, and traits that you think will benefit the whole team. This makes you an efficient team member and after all, more minds working means more output your team can produce. Be a valuable team member not only to your team but to the company.

  1. Help your teammates whenever you can

                An effective team member is ready to lend a hand to teammates who need help/assistance. Be proactive and ask your colleagues if they need help. And if you think you can assist them, then do not hesitate to. In the end, you are playing as a team.

  1. Be deadline oriented

                Another trait of an effective team member is being deadline oriented. Missing deadlines can affect the entire team negatively, and you don’t want that. Be a team member who is reliable, responsible and who can do tasks effectively and efficiently.

  1. Respect your colleagues

                To be able to build an effective and a winning team, one must learn to respect everyone in the team. This is the strongest foundation of a great team. No matter how different your ideas, beliefs, strategies, or how one does his/her job, you must stay respectful and courteous to all your colleagues.

                To sum it up, you can never be a perfect team member but you can always try, improve, and grow. After all, your improvement benefits not only you or your team, but the whole company.

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