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Accountex Canada 2023 : The Experience

Intelligent Outsourcing went to Accountex Canada 2023 and it was absolute success. It was a platform for a lot of professionals, leaders, and experts in the field of finance, accountancy, and bookkeeping to come together and share their knowledge, experience, and expertise about the industry. There were many talks for everyone to go to, to learn more and booths offering services and products to support the accounting and bookkeeping firms attending.

There was lots of networking, learning, and exploring the latest trends that will shape the future of the accounting and the bookkeeping firms.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2-day trade show:

  • Our CEO Nikolai Naylor did a flash meeting talk about his book “The Firm You Want” and met with an interesting reaction from the audience when he hummed the A-Team theme tune. This was when talking about creating an “A-team” for your firm.
  • More than 30 insightful sessions which covered various topics related to accounting and finance.
  • The profound impact of technology on the finance industry, and how these technologies are revolutionizing the accounting process.
  • Being surrounded by hundreds of industry experts and the overall vibrance of the event because of the reception of the attendees to the event.

Intelligent Outsourcing is thankful to Accountex Canada for hosting the accountancy conference and we would like to make a special mention to Steve Dempsey and Laine Taylor for making both Nikolai Naylor and Dee Smith feel so welcome in Toronto. Thank you to the Accountex team and attendees, especially those who visited our booth and took the time learning about creating an offshore team. We’ve had a lot of insightful conversations with the attendees who visited us, and we learned a lot with them as well.

Nikolai (CEO) and Dee (COO) also managed to:

  • Meeting up with an ex-colleague and had a lovely dinner while listening to live jazz.
  • Having a trip to Niagara Falls and being amazed at the immense power of its cascading waters.
  • Take in the view from the CNN Tower.
We look forward to next year’s Accountex Canada and meeting up with more amazing accountants and bookkeepers to explain how creating an offshore team is the most intelligent way to outsource.

Check out Nikolai Naylor’s book “The Firm You Want”, available on Amazon. The last chapter highlights ways to make sure that creating an offshore team works. 

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