The Intelligent Outsourcing Accountancy Solution

When we talked to our UK clients it became evident that completing compliance work and book-keeping to deadlines was both time-consuming and expensive.  The headache of recruiting and managing staff was adding to the workload of senior managers and was leading to a downward spiral in productivity and effectiveness.  Cloud based software has revolutionised how businesses now operate on a global scale and it is never a better time to embrace a more global and diverse workforce.  Skype for Business means that you can talk to your team member as if they were in the room with you and meetings and strategy huddles are part of a normal business day.

The ready solution is to outsource your work to a capable, trusted team member in the Philippines.  All our team can operate on your systems, full training provided.  Work can include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll
  • Year End Accounts

Why the Philippines?

The accountancy profession is highly regarded in the Philippines and to qualify as an accountant you must complete an undergraduate four year degree course and then a post-graduate qualification to become a CPA.