IT Solutions

We understand that the rate of evolution in the world of IT is so fast-moving that that no business can afford to be left behind.  Technology is a global business language that everyone needs to speak.  We only recruit web developers with expertise in a myriad of different technologies and knowledge to enable them to work effectively whether as front or back end developers.  Our current team members have extensive experience in:

  • Procedural PHP
  • Larevel and PHP frameworks
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • JIRA
  • Git
  • Security
  • WordPress
  • Jekyll Blog

When you outsource your development work to us we ensure that a UK based Project Manager oversees the initial stages of the project as part of our service plan.  We ensure that our Project Managers only work with one or two clients to ensure a complete understanding of your requirements.  If you require over 20 developers at any one point, we will ensure you have a dedicated technical Project Manager.


'The most exciting part of working at IO is experiencing the variety of web development tools, practices and approaches - it means I'm continuously learning and meeting new challenges.'

Von, Software Developer