We are always ready to talk regarding the potential to offshore some of your business administration.  The following are questions we can explore in more detail with you.

How much would I save by offshoring?

The saving is at least 50% but can be up to 80%

I’m worried about data security, how safe is offshoring?

We take security very seriously and ensure that all our people have background checks and have company policies in place to ensure the safety of your data.  We employ the very best cyber security anti-virus software and ensure all  staff are trained regularly as part of our Cyber Awareness Training (CAT).

How would the time difference be managed between the UK and the Philippines?

Our office in the Philippines works flexibly around your needs.  The majority of our current clients prefer to work to UK time.

What about national holidays?

In the Philippines, Christmas and Easter are observed as in the UK and other national holidays can be negotiated to work upon request.

How do I contact my offshore team?

Our preferred method is Skype for Business but we can use whichever video calling software you prefer.  Everyone is provided with Office 365 Business Premium.  This is your team, you can arrange for them to remotely join in to team briefings, strategy huddles and training at your convenience.